Mourning, Mercy, Majesty

19:30 Sat 9 Mar 2024

Keele University Chapel, Keele, ST5 5BG

Mourning, Mercy and Majesty is a musical pilgrimage from the baroque, via classicism to early romanticism. Representing the baroque and the theme of majesty is an old favourite that needs no introduction: Antonio Vivaldi’s tuneful Gloria. Marianna Martínes's Miserere takes us into classicism with a meditation on God's mercy. This tuneful and varied work concludes with a triumphant fugue to the glory of the Trinity that would give Haydn a run for his money. With Cherubini’s magisterial Requiem, we move on to early Romanticism and the theme of mourning. By turns solemn and exhilarating, the work was much admired by Beethoven, Schumann, Berlioz and Brahms: it was even performed at Beethoven’s funeral.

So do join us on our pilgrimage through a series of delightful and uplifting musical landscapes!

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